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Alfie and Bailey two greedy Labradors were brought into us after sneaking into the garage and munching their way through a bag of  dry dog food!  Their owner immediately rushed them into us as she was concerned their tummies were becoming bloated.   On arrival as it had only recently happened they were both given a drug to make them sick. Alfie vomited a large amount of food, but unfortuately for Bailey he was unable to Vomit which alerted us to the fact he may have what we call a GDV (gastric torsion).  We xrayed his abdomen which confirmed what we thought. luckily Alfie got off lightly and was able to go home once we were sure their was nothing left in his stomach. Bailey however needed emergency surgery to un-twist and empty his stomach. His was put on intravenous fluids and was anaesthetised and prepared for surgery. Sarah operated to untwist his stomach. A bucket full of dry dog food was removed from his stomach! Luckily for Bailey he recovered well from his surgery under the close of of the BVC nursing team. His owners have now hidden all of their food.pet of month
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